It took a long time before I found the inspiration for the Attic.  It was clear to me I wanted another bedroom in there, because only one bedroom in such a big house is a bit strange.    


   The bedroom in the Attic can be reached through the attic hallway.  I put wood panelling on the dividing wall between the hallway and the bedroom.  At least, it looks like wood panelling, but in reality the boards are strips of paper. All boards have nail holes, which enhances the illusion that they're actually wooden boards.  


  The walls of the hallway, with the entrance to the bathroom on the right, can all be taken out so that even in the future I will be able to have easy access to wiring.   


  I have painted the boards a beautiful blue colour which changes with the light at different times of the day.  











I have carpeted the floors with a very nice linnen fabric which combines beautifully with the robust boards on the walls.   


The dividing wall is not yet fully pushed against the sloping roof, the light is still shining through the crack.  In the photo this is much more visible than in reality.  Still, when everything is finished I will push the wall tight against the sloping roof.



I made the bed from wood, card stock and fabric.  When I finished the bed I liked the mattress so much I felt it would be a shame to cover it up with a sheet.   It now is a bed where the sheets are just being removed for washing. 














I printed the fabric for the duvet cover on my own printer.   I used a photo of a carpet which I actually liked better as a duvet cover than as a carpet.  The small painting is a copy of 'Marie-Antoinette' by Jean-Baptiste Charpentier.   


The bedside cabinet is really a small jewelry box which comes from my grandfather's family.  It is a guilt chest with a glass lid.  It has a decoration of lion's heads and is inlaid with coloured enamel.  The inside of the box is lined with silk.    


I enjoy using personal items in my dolls house.  This little box looks great here! 




In 2011 I was given a 144th scale house kit with my Dolls House Nederland magazine subscription.  I decided to make the little house in the style of the houses typical for the Dutch village Broek in Waterland, painted in that beautiful blue-grey colour.

I have changed, left out and added a few things to give the house that real Dutch character. 

It was a very fiddly job to get the house to look this way.  Fun to do, but once only!  

The house now resides in this  bedroom where it combines beautifully with the other blue colours in this room. 















On the left wall of the bedroom I used the wallpaper ' Daisy' by William Morris.  The design from 1864 is one of William Morris' s earliest wallpaper design.  It was printed in miniature by Susan Bembridge Designs.

In some of the other rooms in this canal house Arts & Crafts influences can be found, so it is not surprising to see this wallpaper here.  Maybe this wallpaper was chosen in 1893 by Emma,  the English wife of the ownere at that time (see the story on the page 'History').  



I decorated the lampshades with a piece of ribbon which is covered with small bows.  Normally I would prefer a more simple decoration, but it fits quite well in this room.   


During the IGMA Guild School in 2007 I upholstered the pink chair in Nancy Summers class.  Nancy made the frame of the chair.  I wrote a report of my Guild School experiences here. (in Dutch only)






A few years ago I started weaving.  At least, I tried.  It did not work at all so my attempts ended up in a drawer.  In the spring of 2014 I got renewed and after some research in books and on the Internet I built a simple weaving frame.    

My plan was to fill my dolls houses with my own hand loomed carpets, but I'm afraid that will take several decades yet.     






One of my first handwoven carpets.  Far from perfect, but I am still using it next to the bed.  This canal house is also a story of development, of discovering techniques, of growth in knowledge, style and taste.  Things I made ten years ago I perhaps would do differently today.  Maybe I will be able to weave much better in ten years time.  And then again, maybe not.  The carpet can stay.   


I do enjoy weaving.  There is so much to learn!  Unfortunately I often don't have the time to really explore the technique, although that is also due to the fact that there are so many techniques I enjoy discovering.  









When you look through the attic window in the rear facade, you can see past the open door into the hallway.  In the left wall of the hallway is the door to the bathroom, the only full bathroom in this canal house! 













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