In the basement of the house are two rooms, the Kitchen and this one which for easy reference I have named 'the Basement'.  In this room I had planned the Canal House owner's Antiques shop (see 'History' ), but so far that has not happened.  



In this room the Arts & Crafts influence is visible again.  On the walls I used theWilliam Morris pattern 'Honeysuckle' which I scaled on my computer and then printed.  

This is the only wallpaper in my house which I printed myself as I am a bit worried about fading.  I did spray the paper with a UV protective sealant so we will find out in time how well this ages.


For this room again it was difficult to find light fixtures which were both affordable and nice.  So I went back to making it myself.  I used a brass ornament I found in a drawer (I have no idea what it was for originally), some brass pipe, a glass shade from another lamp and a bulb on a wire.  


















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