The bathroom is located in the attic of the building, on the left of the attic bedroom.    Because of the angle of the room, it is not an easy space to arrange the bathroom furniture in.  Still I managed to squeeze a sink, full bath and a toilet into the room.  


It is difficult to find nice baths and toilets in miniature, but the Chrysnbon bathroom kits are quite good.  
I have sprayed the plastic components with a white car paint to give them an enameled look.  It works well, but you do need several coats to make it look convincing.  

I am not a fan of the taps, but they will have to do until I have found better ones, preferably with a nice shower attached to them. 


The beautiful ceramic tiles were a great find many years ago, around 2005.  I can't remember who I bought them from, it may have been Tiny Ceramics, but I'm not sure.  I matched the colour on the outside of the bath to the colour of the tiles, but this time I used a flat enamel paint.  









The toilet and the wash basin on the other side of the room came from the same kit as the bath and were also sprayed with car paint.   For the sink I also hope to find better taps, and I may change the pipe on the toilet as I think it is a bit too shiny.  

The floor tiles are painted on card stock and then cut into squares, mixed up and layed on a sub-floor. 




I made the bath curtain  from a cotton William Morris fabric and lined it with green silk. For the bath curtain rod I used a brass rod which I bent in the right shape.  


The bath mat was my first try at weeving on my self made loom.  The sides of the bath mat are very unregular, it's tricky to keep them even while weeving!   

The green sandals were made by Patrizia Santi.  










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